BAD BROWS** NO MORE!! 🙅🏻‍♀️⁣

The Botched Ink Online Tattoo Removal Training has officially launched it’s Black Friday Pre-Sale!!


Botched Ink can safely lighten/fade and ultimately remove any and all unwanted permanent make up and body tattoos!

And even better….
It is just in time for Black Friday – which means an AMAZING SALE!

Sign up for this AMAZING Pre-Sale and SAVE 30%!!!

Standard Retail Price – $325 USD/$435 CAD*
Black Friday Price – $200 USD/$270 CAD*

What’s Included in The Botched Ink® online course: 3+ hours of guided interactive learning, case studies and removal knowledge – both manual & machine techniques will be taught.
Extensive in-depth training curriculum designed to support you as a Saline Tattoo Removal Specialist and equip you to answer any client questions and concerns
Access to training for a full 6 weeks after enrolment
46 page online PDF manual, hard copy also available to purchase
Assessments during training lead to Certificate of Achievement
Support during and after training in Botched Ink Facebook Group
Upon completion of the course, all HYVE Beauty customers signing up with this link will receive a special $25 CAD coupon code to cover the purchase of a sample pack of Botched Ink sachets and standard North American shipping!

BEST OF ALL: Botched Ink Certified technicians who successfully complete this training will also have access to exceptional BEFORE/AFTER photos of impressive removals completed by Botched Ink certified artists to use for promotional purposes as well (please see below for examples, most are results are after one session!

The live classes in the UK have been so successful, we’d love you to join the fastest growing team of Saline Tattoo removal techs and sign up for this launch of the Online Training!

As the proud North American partner for Botched Ink we are also assisting in the recruitment of hands-on Master Trainers here! If you are an experienced PMU artist and Educator, please email your interest to!

*Pricing when purchasing the course will be in USD, currency conversion changes daily CAD approximate*
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Botched Ink is a gentle yet concentrated hypertonic saline solution and contains a highly concentrated form of aloe vera, which penetrates deeply into the treated area drawing our unwanted tattoo pigment without needing to over work and damage the skin. ⁣

Skin treated with Botched Ink starts to dry out within hours with minimal inflammation & risk of scarring. Gentle during treatment, Botched Ink has no lingering burn or sting.⁣

This service is in VERY high demand! Removal sessions charges are $150/$300 depending on location and competitive market rates. SET YOURSELF APART FROM THE COMPETITION!