Being brave actually REQUIRES you to be scared, it REQUIRES you to feel discomfort, it REQUIRES you to feel uncertain. If you have felt any of these things in this past week, I invite you read on. This post is for you. 💖⁣

Repeat after me... “I CAN DO HARD THINGS.”⁣

Now let the voice in your head yell REAL LOUD “I can DO HARD THINGS!!”⁣

Now say it aloud just ONE MORE TIME...⁣


A belief is a story we keep telling ourselves whether true or untrue, real or not real, it is the repetition that determines our belief.⁣

It is our belief system that shapes the way we interact with the world around us and the way we engage with our challenges and opportunities for growth. (Or not)⁣

Did you feel afraid this week about...⁣

➕Your business? ⁣
➕Your love life? ⁣
➕Your parenting ability? ⁣
➕Your finances? ⁣
➕Your plans?⁣
➕Your growth?⁣
➕Something else entirely? ⁣

If the answer is YES I have good news for you. This fear is a sign that you are doing it RIGHT. It is a badge of honour that you are SCARED and you’re being BRAVE.⁣

You are doing the things that scare and grow you. YOU ARE DOING THE HARD THINGS.⁣

If you read this far that means this message resonates with you and I want to sayyou how PROUD I am for you.⁣


Now remember, the next time you feel afraid, like you just can’t do the hard thing, tell yourself “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” and tell yourself as much and as often as you need to for that BELIEF to sink right in to YOU. ⁣

I believe in YOU. If you believe in you comment “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” and tag a friend who can do hard things too! ⁣

Happy Tuesday Brave Ones! XO AR 💋⁣