Membrane MicroTonic is a pure golden elixir that has an outstanding number of properties for not just micropigmentation, but also for general skin care.  A true liquid gold, MicroTonic expedites the healing process of all manner of dermal wounds, reduces inflammation, suppresses nerve pain, eliminates lymph, and soothes tissue.  All of these together serve to help lock in pigment and yield excellent retention.

The science behind how MicroTonic works is quite simple really—it reduces the body’s immune response to the wound, closes pores, nourishes tissue and provides hydration which is essential for expedited healing.

HOW TO USE: MicroTonic is formulated to be used during and after Micropigmentation procedures to aid in soothing and cooling the tissues, while keeping the area clean and hydrate. During procedures saturate 2″ gauze or cotton pad, wipe gently and use as needed.

This lovely tonic is brilliant at effectively removing pigment residue AND reducing redness for amazing after pictures!

For Post-Care: Applying two times daily during the first 72 hours post-procedure assists in healing by ensuring a clean environment.

MicroTonic is ideal when it is combined with a complementary healing salve.  Choose from MicroBalm, MicroGel, EyeAid or LipLock, depending on the permanent makeup or skin rejuvenation treatment.  No matter the treatment, MicroTonic is the essential first step for cleansing hydrating and soothing the treated area.

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