Thank you for stopping by our Buzz Blog! Today we are talking about all things saline tattoo removal specifically the award-winning Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal Solution. This is a great read for curious technicians wondering:

  • What is saline tattoo removal and how does it work?
  • What makes Botched Ink so special?
  • What's so great about the training that it has 200+ five star reviews?
  • How can training in saline tattoo removal with Botched Ink boost your business?

Here’s the skinny on saline tattoo removal:


First let’s talk about what saline removal is. Saline removal is a method of lifting, lightening, improving and sometimes removing bad or unwanted pigment. A saline removal session involves needling a hypertonic (sodium rich) saline solution to the skin.

The treatment can be done manually or with a tattoo machine. It’s the process of tattooing but using a salt solution instead of ink. The salt dries out the skin, flushing out lymph and fluid with it and that skin flakes away during the skin’s natural healing process. When that dried out skin contains pigment, that pigment goes along with it.

Botched Ink is gentle during treatment.

They don’t call it rubbing salt into a wound for nothing! There are two main apprehensions technicians and clients have when it comes to saline tattoo removal: the scabbing and the pain. Botched Ink is formulated differently to absorb easily, penetrate deeply, and dry out the skin quickly. This is made possible because Botched Ink Solution has a pH of 5.5 that closely resembles healthy skin, this means a mild sting that dissipates quickly! Having a complementary pH helps to avoid the inflammation and irritation that results in thick, ugly scabbing.

The formula also includes Aloe Vera which helps the active ingredients to absorb into the skin, plus glycerin to help penetrate even deeper. These extra ingredients help the active ingredients penetrate deeply and heal quickly. The absorption makes botched ink extremely effective at lifting, lightning, improving and removing bad and unwanted pigment.

Tattoos can actually look better DURING healing than they did before! Botched Ink quickly dries the skin forming a thin scab. Many clients worry what they’ll look like during healing. The reality is the treated area usually looks better. Unwanted grey or orange brows will look shades of brown during the healing process. Some clients have even gotten complimented on their new eyebrows! Sometimes the pigment is simply placed too deep. When we bring that pigment closer to the surface, it’s true colour is revealed!

The Botched Ink Online Training has 200+ five star reviews!

The METRIC TON of HUGELY POSITIVE student reviews speak for themselves. Both new and experienced saline tattoo removal technicians are raving about the caliber of highly detailed information and in-depth knowledge provided in the Botched Ink online training course.

Artists who have taken MULTIPLE removal courses are saying this is the most thorough and comprehensive training they’ve ever taken! Students have access to the course for 6 weeks! Once students are certified, they have LIFETIME access to the facebook group where they access, resources and unlimited support. Within the facebook group are advertising and marketing materials, before and after photos, plus a refresher version of the course!

What separates this online training from others is that it goes beyond saline removal to help artists understand PMU fundamentals, needle knowledge, skin education, organic vs inorganic pigments, clear consultations, language that sells and so much more! As human centered beings, we love the aspect of client consultation and client interaction. We encourage students to absorb the language Lisa uses and the way she approaches the consultation is mind blowing, sensational, and transformative. 


Opportunity for MASSIVE VALUE!

Caution: this next sentence may trigger you. Think of your first 5, 10 even 20 microblading clients *screams silently inside*. How many of us did our friends and family as models and wished we didn’t? Thanksgiving is coming up and we have to look at those brows again! Cringe.

How many times do new artists go way too deep? How many clients get a wonky shape? Take that number and multiply it by 100. It is easier than ever to become a PMU Technician. There are a plethora of two day training sessions with new trainers popping up daily. That’s a lot of new artists… and a lot of bad brows, isn’t it? Therein lies the strategic advantage of training in saline removal. There will always be clients with bad or unwanted ink! Boom. 

Saline Removal Technicians are pricing $150 CAD to $300 CAD per session. Imagine what that additional revenue could do for your business! We know how oversaturated our industry is. By training in saline removal, you can differentiate yourself as a removal and correction specialist.


The time to learn saline tattoo removal is now and there is no better choice than Botched Ink! When we say there is no better time we mean right now. The online training course price will increase on Monday October 5th from $325 USD/$430 CAD to $447 USD/$595 CAD.

Tap the image below to learn more about Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal and enroll now before prices go up!