🤷‍♀️When will THIS be in-stock? 🤷‍♀️

This is one of the MOST common questions we get asked, via ALL communication mediums! We do our UTMOST to keep our inventory stocked, but sometimes…things DO happen & we run out!

In light of recent events in Asia we are experiencing some unique delays with our suppliers. However, we aren’t new to the distribution business and we proactively placed large orders with our suppliers PRIOR to the biggest Chinese holiday and virus outbreak. I speak with them daily, I check in on their health and their families. They are doing their very best to ship our products as well.

So HYVE loves, a sneak peak into our day will show you the HOURS of time our team spends every single day we get asked “When will the XXX be back in stock?” And everyday we answer “PLEASE Sign up for our in stock notifications!”

🤓HOW you ask? It Is SUPER DUPER easy!🤓

When you’re on our store site and discover your desired product isn’t available, simply click the green “Notify When Available” button, enter your information and preferred contact method (email, text or FB messenger) & you will be AMONG THE FIRST to know THE MOMENT it’s back!

Some products FLYoff our shelves as soon as they hit our store!  THE BEST WAY to ensure you’ll get it, is to use this instant contact service when it arrives to our warehouse!

We DO pride ourself on our attentive customer care & service, so when we answer this question multiple times in a day it takes ALOT of time away from customers who do require our help in addition to our other important tasks like getting your orders shipped to you! 

On behalf of our incredible small-but-mighty HYVE team, the next time you’re wondering “when will this be back in-stock?” PLEASE click the button and help us out!



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