Biomaser 24K Permanent Makeup Device
THIS IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY PMU MACHINE FOR BEGINNERS & EXPERTS ALIKE! Lightweight motor make the machine works powerful and smooth, almost no noise - This machine also work for Micro Mesotherapy with a special Meso-Needles-The machines use Biomaser...
$294.95 CAD
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24K PMU Device Wireless Battery
Upgrade your 24k PMU device with a wireless battery. No more messy cords...Yea!  Package comes with: - Battery pack - USB Charging cable  Note: Does not come with USB charger  Battery may also be compatible with other PMU & tattoo...
$59.95 CAD
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Biomaser 24K Needle Cartridges
Sold in Boxes of 10Fits only the Biomaser 24K PMU Device.
$25.00 CAD
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Biomaser 24K Replacement Adapter Cord & Digital Display Power Supply
 This upgraded cord is excellent quality and will greatly extend the life of your 24K Machine due to the size and thickness of the cord (far more durable). It also comes with an adjustable digital power display.  Using HD-LED screen...
$79.95 CAD $72.95 CAD
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Biomaser 24K 12P Meso Needle Cartridge
The Biomaser 24K 12 Micro/Meso Needle is something you don’t want to miss out on! If you’re unfamiliar with Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy as it is also known, here’s just some of the benefits: Microneedling is a minimally invasive...
from $6.50 CAD
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