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Flocked Applicators - Black - HYVE Beauty

Flocked Applicators - Black 10 Pack

$49.50 CAD$10.00 CAD
Similar to its little sister the Microbrush (aka Microswab), Flocked Applicators come with a larger, soft angled tip. Perfect for larger jobs that require a bit more clean up.  Features: lint-free,...
Crystal Lash Cleansing Brushes - HYVE Beauty

Shiny Crystal Lash & Brow Cleansing Brushes

$5.95 CAD$0.95 CAD
ALL the SHINE! All the sparkles! All the soft, gentle cleaning of lashes & brows! Features: - Ultra GORGEOUS cleansing brushes you and your clients will LOVE - Ultra SOFT gentle...
Glitter Mermaid Disposable Mascara Wands - Pink - HYVE Beauty

Glitter Mermaid Disposable Mascara Wands - Pink

$5.95 CAD$0.95 CAD
Mascara brushes are a great tool for an after care for eyelash extension. Appropriate for home or salon use. Combs and separates the extensions without damaging. A perfect little tool to give...
Microbrushes - Black

Microbrushes - Black

$3.95 CAD$0.95 CAD
Microbrushes (a.k.a. Microswabs) are an essential tool for all PMU artists and they're handy in a variety of ways!Uses: Applying anesthetic Mixing pigment, Applying it to pigment ring,  Clean up,...
Cute AF Cotton Swabs - Pretty in Pink - HYVE Beauty

Cotton Swabs - Pretty in Pink 10 Pack

$59.50 CAD$7.95 CAD
Pretty and perfect for pre and post care product application!   great for precise application material - Made of quality organic cotton swab, soft and absorbent. Good for personal care and...
Sterile Cotton Tips Swabs 6" - Box of 200 - HYVE Beauty

Sterile Cotton Tipped Swabs

$10.95 CADFrom $8.95 CAD
Sterile 6" wooden applicator stick with firmly wound cotton bud.• Single use only• 100% Cotton tip Sold by: Box. Packed: 2/Package, 100 Packages/Box.
The LAMINATOR Lash Lift Brush - HYVE Beauty

The LAMINATOR Lash Lift Brush

$35.95 CAD
The LAMINATOR!! Specially designed for lash lifts, this one of a kind tool is the first brush on the market to offer a tip made with soft, dense bristles that...