Electrum Premium Tattoo Rotary Needles
Electrum Premium Tattoo Cartridge Needles for Permanent Makeup or Standard Precision Tattooing THESE PREMIUM NEEDLES ARE FOR ROTARY TATTOO MACHINES ONLY AND ARE NOT FOR PMU DEVICES. Electrum Tattoo is well-known as one of the most elite and quality brands in...
$47.50 CAD
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Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridge - Curved Magnum
Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges - Curved Magnum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges are top quality and a must for professional tattoo artists and permanent cosmetic professionals. Our cartridge needles are the same as our Electrum Traditions and are some of...
$39.95 CAD
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FYT Premium Rotary Tattoo Cartridges - Box of 20
20pc FYT cartridges for tattoo professionals are a must. These cartridges are made from some of the best tattoo needles on the market and come in a variety of grouping configurations as well as having a silicone membrane that effectively minimizes the cross...
$25.00 CAD
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Fearless Rotary Tattoo Needle Cartridges - 10pk
Dynarex Fearless Tattoo Cartridges are manufactured to meet the quality and performance needs by providing artists with sharp, durable needles with membrane system, while offering the clean needle penetration and preventing ink back flow. Cartridge casing has imprinted sizes on...
from $18.00 CAD
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