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Flocked Applicators - Black - HYVE Beauty

Flocked Applicators - Black

$4.00 USD$3.00 USD
Similar to its little sister the Microbrush (aka Microswab), Flocked Applicators come with a larger, soft angled tip. Perfect for larger jobs that require a bit more clean up.  Features: lint-free,...
Crystal Lash Cleansing Brushes - HYVE Beauty

Shiny Crystal Lash & Brow Cleansing Brushes

$2.00 USD
ALL the SHINE! All the sparkles! All the soft, gentle cleaning of lashes & brows! Features: - Ultra GORGEOUS cleansing brushes you and your clients will LOVE - Ultra SOFT gentle...
Glitter Mermaid Disposable Mascara Wands - Pink - HYVE Beauty

Glitter Mermaid Disposable Mascara Wands - Pink

$3.00 USD
Mascara brushes are a great tool for an after care for eyelash extension. Appropriate for home or salon use. Combs and separates the extensions without damaging. A perfect little tool to give...
Microbrushes - Black

Microbrushes - Black

$4.00 USD
Microbrushes (a.k.a. Microswabs) are an essential tool for all PMU artists and they're handy in a variety of ways!Uses: Applying anesthetic Mixing pigment, Applying it to pigment ring,  Clean up,...
Concealer Brush Mini - MAYAMY - HYVE Beauty

MAYAMY Eyebrow Coloring Concealer Brush - Round Mini

$8.00 USD$6.00 USD
The Concealer Brush Mini brush is designed to give the artist precision when adding concealer to their finished product. The mini base allows for precision and easy application.
Cute AF Cotton Swabs - Shadow Black - HYVE Beauty

Cute AF Cotton Swabs - Shadow Black 200 count

$4.00 USD
Super slick and perfect for pre and post care product application!   great for precise application, one end is ridged Quality material - Made of quality organic cotton swab, soft and absorbent....
Sterile Cotton Tips Swabs 6" - Box of 200 - HYVE Beauty

Sterile Cotton Tipped Swabs

$9.00 USDFrom $8.00 USD
Sterile 6" wooden applicator stick with firmly wound cotton bud.• Single use only• 100% Cotton tip Sold by: Box. Packed: 2/Package, 100 Packages/Box.
The LAMINATOR Lash Lift Brush - HYVE Beauty

The LAMINATOR Lash Lift Brush

$29.00 USD
The LAMINATOR!! Specially designed for lash lifts, this one of a kind tool is the first brush on the market to offer a tip made with soft, dense bristles that...