Onyx Luxe Black Velvet Collection - 12CH Microblade Pen

$4.95 CAD
$4.95 CAD

ONYX BLACK VELVET LUXE COLLECTION:  The elevation of your art.

12CH:  .15 gauge configured tightly in a non-flexible (hard) nine needle curved configuration for absolute precision.  Excellent for thick/oily skinned clients for whom you are creating a thinner brow with shorter hair strokes, or for filling in between existing brow hair.  Best used by artists with a solid microblading background, due to being less forgiving than flexible blades.


Introducing a set of beautiful and outstandingly sexy game changers for your microblading treatments.  These gorgeous nano pens are complete with must-have features to elevate your practice.  The Onyx Black Velvet Collection features selections so sharp that the precision and flawlessness of your hair strokes will mean your clients will feel next to nothing, skin will experience minimal trauma, and fewer passes will be required.  Do the math:  AH-mazing retention, fewer retouches.  Oh, and as if that's not enough, turn these lovelies over and use the cotton tipped end to do your pigment masks.


These edgy,  silicone, ultra-lightweight pens stay clean looking from the beginning to end of each brow procedure.  One end produces your art, while the other end cements the colour into place. Less waste and less mess.  Slick and thin enough to toss into your sharps container and packaged in sterile EO gas blister packs clearly labeled with expiry date and lot number, these samurai sharp.15 diameter Korean stainless steel beauties are uniquely designed to nestle comfortably in your hand.  Available in all the configurations you need to suit every client, every procedure.  We recommend pairing these with our Black Nitrile Gloves so even the tiniest smear of pigment will be invisible.  Add some black pigment rings, with sponge or without, for a super hip clean look!

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