Onyx Victory - 16V Blade Disposable Pen

$4.95 CAD
$4.95 CAD

The Onyx Luxe Victory Dual-Sided V Blade Pen (also known as a feather blade) is your multi-purpose magic wand that delivers simplicity, savings and soft, beautiful brows. Microblading is heralded as being the single best technique for creating the most natural looking brows. However, as we all know, brows come in all shapes and sizes and do not conform to any pre-set pattern, spine, or consistency!

Artists wanting to execute the most natural looking treatment, have previously had to resort to using 2 or more different sized/types of blades. Those wasteful days are over. This tool of perfection enables the artist to create both thick, thin and somewhere in-between individual brow hair strokes that are in keeping with the client's own natural shape and pattern. No more cookie cutter brows.

The Victory Dual-Sided V Pen is used on one side for thicker strokes, the opposite side for thinner, and when angled strategically, permits a medium thickness. Save money, save time, save the planet!

Fewer tools means a cleaner procedure. A V-Blade means breathtaking brows nearly indistinguishable from the real thing! These lovelies are a must-try. Each of these amazingly sharp surgical grade stainless steel pens comes in its own cozy EO gas sterilized blister pack with lot # and expiry date. Because they are black, they will never appear messy. For a super clean treatment, grab some black nitrile gloves and and black pigment rings. A fastidiously clean treatment makes clients feel good.


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