I am THRILLED to be speaking at one of PMU’s Elite 2020 Conferences @spccon STAR PERMANENT COSMETICS CONFERENCE hosted by the amazing Kristina Melnicenco @5starbrows in Cancun January 30 – February 2!

THE INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER LINE UP IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! TRUE success in Permanent Makeup requires a balance of well-developed technical, communication and business skills. All too often, the latter two are largely overlooked. PMU is what we DO. But PEOPLE are who we SERVE. And there’s some simple ways that artists can distinguish themselves from the competition!

The services we provide as PMU artists are INTENSELY personal and I feel we are missing some tremendously simple and important opportunities to build relationships. In this informative and engaging class I will challenge your thinking, while weaving in my own (sometimes painful and hopefully meaningful) experiences and outcomes. My intention is to create a safe and welcoming environment where we will share, learn and truly connect. ⁣

Most importantly, I will provide EASY & SIMPLE ACTIONABLE STEPS Business & Communication Tool Kits FULL of essential knowledge and impactful take always that you can implement easily, taking your business to the next level and beyond!

This conference has some of the MOST incredible leaders in PMU all sharing their knowledge at a 5-Star Resort in CANCUN IN WINTER…why WOULDN’T you go?


Kristina’s team has worked so hard to make this incredible event all-inclusive and affordable! For the best available last minute deals TEXT OR CALL 214-505-9724

Can’t wait to see you all there!! ⁣

Xo AR :kiss: