Universal Tattoo Needle Cartridges

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Dream Luxx Premium Silicone Grip Tattoo Needles - HYVE Beauty

Dream Luxx Premium Silicone Grip Tattoo Needles

From $24.95
MEET YOUR NEW FAVOURITE SILICONE GRIP TATTOO NEEDLES!! Explore your very own DREAM LUXX PREMIUM SILICONE GRIP TATTOO NEEDLES, featuring the ONLY ultra-nano 1R needle on the market at a...
MAST Pro Needle Cartridges - HYVE Beauty

MAST Pro Tattoo Needle Cartridges

From $29.00
Dragonhawk Mast Pro Cartridges Tattoo Needles 20pcs per box - giving you the ultimate value with these ultra professional cartridges, reliable for all PMU & tattoo work Mast Pro purple tattoo cartridges...
Kwadron Optima PMU Cartridge - HYVE Beauty

Kwadron Optima PMU Tattoo Needles

This new cartridge line has a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp needles, which ensures their durability and strength. The cartridge housing is made of high quality medical grade plastic, which...
PIXL Needle Cartridges - 1R / 0.25mm - HYVE Beauty

PIXL Needle Cartridges - 1R / 0.25mm

The innovative 'no-drip' needle tip reduces pigment pooling for improved visibility and increased precision. Choose a 0.25mm 1RL if you want a lesser stream of pigment to the skin for the most...